Fall Camp

October 25-26, 2024

Virtual via Zoom

The AI Bootcamp is for relatively AI-inexperienced teachers, school/district staff, and/or leaders who want to learn: 

  • What AI is, how it works, and which tools are best for different tasks
  • How to use AI “prompt engineering” to:
    • Speed through rote tasks (e.g. IEPs, parent communications, state reporting, meeting prep)
    • Improve the quality of work (e.g. lessons, rubrics, letters of rec., School Improvement Plans)
    • Improve data analysis and comprehension (e.g. reporting, early intervention)
    • Brainstorm better ideas (e.g. class activities, Staff Appreciation initiatives, burnout remedies)
    • Save time for more human interaction (e.g. more 1:1 instruction, more coaching time with reports)
  • What AI skills of the future will be and where AI’s promise/perils lie
  • How students are using AI in ideal and effective, unproductive and even illegal ways

By the end of the full-day session, you will be a more confident user of AI, a more effective professional and a better asset to your students, school, or district. 

Original price was: $199.99.Current price is: $149.99.